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LANKELEISI XT750 PLUS velika viljuška 17.5 Ah 48V – Savršen sklopivi električni bicikl s mopedom

SAMO [EU SKLADIŠTENJE - CZ]. € 1682 for LANKELEISI XT750 PLUS Big Fork 17.5Ah 48V 1000W Folding Moped Electric Bicycle 26 Inches 130km Mileage Range Max Load 200kg – Black/Green

If you are looking for a highly efficient, affordable, and luring moped electric bike, then the LANKELEISI XT750 PLUS Big Fork 17.5Ah 48V should be your ideal choice. This bike is superb and comes with amazing features that will make your ride an enjoyable one. It has a 1000W motor powered by a 17.5Ah 48V Li battery, which can ride up to 130km. It’s also great for rough terrain, thanks to its 26*4.0 Fat Tire. With a 200kg payload capacity, this bike is ideal for adults and teenagers alike. This bike also comes with professional ergonomic design, which makes it a comfortable ride. The aluminum alloy shell also guarantees durability, and its bright light ensures you ride safely in the dark. The 5inch smart LCD display detects driving data, making it easier for you to keep track of your rides.


  • Powerful 1000W motor with 48V 17.5Ah Li battery.
  • Mileage capacity up to 130km on a single charge.
  • 26*4.0 Fat Tire for different ground terrains.
  • Maximum load capacity of 200kg.
  • Professional ergonomic design for maximum comfort while riding.
  • Aluminum alloy shell for durability and sleek appearance.
  • Long-range bright light for safe night rides.
  • 5inch smart LCD display to detect vital driving data.


  • This bike is relatively heavy to carry on your own.

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