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Nabavite elektronski LED projektor budilnik sa kuponom za samo 20€

Hurry up and avail our exclusive coupon code to purchase the Electronic LED Projector Alarm Clock for only 20€. This digital projection alarm clock is perfect for your smart home bedroom or bedside table. – Black – BANGGOOD

Nabavite elektronski LED projektor budilnik sa kuponom za samo 20€
LED digitalni budilnik Elektronski LED projektor Stoni digitalni projekcijski budilnik Pametni kućni noćni sat za spavaću sobu
20 € 26 €
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Opis proizvoda:  Electronic LED Projector Alarm Clock is a timepiece that offers more than just the time, with its multiple features meticulously crafted to meet your requirements.
Karakteristike proizvoda :
-[180 ° Projekcijski budilnik i postavka automatskog isključivanja]
  The 180° rotary projector allows clear time display with four brightness settings. The focusing knob assists in 0.5-5m projection distance from the wall or ceiling. The feature of flipping the projection view upside down is available through a button. The projector will automatically turn off after turning off the alarm in AUTO mode.
- [15 FM radija s tajmerom za spavanje]
   The alarm clock radio enables turning on 15 FM radio stations (76.0MHz-108.0MHz) with 15 level volume adjustable. You can listen to music, news, talk shows, weatories shows, etc. The sleep timer function allows you to fall asleep with the radio within 90 minutes (custom) further, traffic, sports, stction. Radio automatically turns off after the specified time.
- [Automatski traži i zaključaj stanicu]
  Radio ima funkcije automatskog pretraživanja, automatskog zaključavanja i automatskog skladištenja. Broj skladišnih stanica je neograničen, a rad je jednostavan i praktičan.
- [Dvostruki alarmi s funkcijom odgode]
  Dual alarms can separate your waking-up time from your partner. The snooze function of this digital alarm clock gives you extra minutes of sleep before alerting you again. This smart atomic digital alarm clock can wake you up comfortably.
- [Lako za upotrebu i lako za vidjeti]
  With separate buttons, the projection alarm clock is designed with simplicity for kids or seniors. The big red digit is penetrative to see for the sleepy, near-sighted, or eyesight-impaired.
– [Power-off Memory]
  The projection function works only via AC power, but the digital alarm clock also has a built-in backup battery. It remembers the settings of time/ alarm / radio even during a power outage.
Specifikacije proizvoda:
materijal ABS
veličina 18.5 x 4.5 x 9.1cm


Pregled proizvoda:

The Electronic LED Projector Alarm Clock is a great addition to anyone’s room. Its sleek design adds to the ambiance of any décor. The feature of snoozing and dual alarms makes it convenient for people who share their bed with their partner. The projection alarm clock makes it easy to know the time by displaying it on the ceiling or wall, and the radio function is an added bonus. The power-off memory function keeps your settings in place in case of a power outage, which is very handy.


  • The Alarm clock can project the time on the wall or ceiling with adjustable 4 brightness settings & 180°rotation facility.
  • The digital alarm clock can play 15 FM radio stations with 15 different volume levels, & it has a sleep timer feature.
  • It has an automatic search, automatic lock, and automatic storage function for the radio station.
  • The alarm clock has 2 separate alarms with snooze function & easy to use buttons.
  • It has a power-off memory function that saves your settings in case of a power outage.


  • The LED display could be a bit brighter.
  • The FM radio reception might not be perfect in some areas.

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