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Ugreen Wireless HDMI Extender komplet video predajnika i prijemnika – ultimativno bežično rješenje za ekran!

Get the Ugreen Wireless HDMI Extender Video Transmitter & Receiver Kit at ONLY 89 € with our EXCLUSIVE COUPON – 5G 50M Transmits Display Dongle for TV PC PS5/4 Monitor, available at GEEKBUYING.

Ugreen Wireless HDMI Extender Video Transmitter & Receiver Kit – 5G 50M Transmits Display Dongle for TV PC PS5/4 Monitor
Ugreen bežični HDMI ekstender video odašiljač i prijemnik komplet 5G 50M prijenosni ključ za prikaz za TV PC PS5/4 monitor
89 € 120 €
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Looking for a powerful and convenient wireless solution for video displays? Look no further than the Ugreen Wireless HDMI Extender Video Transmitter & Receiver Kit. With many positive reviews, this is a great product recommended for your needs.


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Experience Seamless Wireless Connection

The Ugreen Wireless HDMI Extender Video Transmitter & Receiver Kit is designed to create seamless wireless connections between your video display device and the device you wish to display your content from. Featuring HDMI and VGA ports, the transmitter & receiver kit is ideal for use in a wide range of applications, regardless of your preferred display device.

50 Meters Long Distance Transmission

Equipped with external high-performance antennas, the wireless HDMI extender kit can achieve long-range and smooth wireless transmission. Users can easily connect the device from a distance of up to 50 meters, enabling you to connect your device easily without cables or other restrictions.

Multi-Interface Design

The device features a multi-interface design that includes HDMI and VGA dual video interfaces, as well as a 3.5mm audio interface, making it easy to connect to a variety of devices on the market. This feature ensures that the device can be linked to and display content from many devices with a simple connection process.

Two Display Modes Available

With the mirror mode, you can easily show the same pictures on a big screen. Alternatively, use the extended mode to show different photos, work on documents or enjoy entertainment at the same time.

Plug and play

With a driver-free design, the device does not require a network or software to function, making it easy for users to connect. Get started in seconds and enjoy a hassle-free experience using the wireless HDMI extender device.



  • Wireless and cable-free operation
  • 50 meters range transmission
  • No additional software required, use directly through Plug and Play feature
  • HDMI and VGA dual video interfaces make it easy to connect to different devices


  • Can face connectivity issues depending upon external interference
  • Price is slightly higher than other options on the market

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