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Nabavite UWANT B200 multifunkcionalnu mašinu za čišćenje krpe po ceni od 204 €

Avail an exclusive discount by using our coupon code and grab the cutting-edge UWANT B200 multifunctional cloth cleaning machine in just €204. The machine comes in a grey color and is a perfect integration of a vacuum, spot cleaner, and washing machine, featuring 12000Pa suction and 1500ML water tank, making it ideal for cleaning carpets, sofas, curtains, mattresses, and upholstery.

Nabavite UWANT B200 multifunkcionalnu mašinu za čišćenje krpe po ceni od 204 €
🇪🇺 [U EVROPI - EU]UWANT B200 Višenamjenska mašina za čišćenje krpe usisivač Integracija Mašina za pranje rublja 12000Pa Usisni 1500ML Spremnik za vodu Samočišćenje Niska razina buke za tepihe i presvlake dušeka sa zavjesama - siva
204 € 261 €
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Nabavite UWANT B200 multifunkcionalnu mašinu za čišćenje krpe po ceni od 204 €

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UWANT B200 Multifunctional Cloth Cleaning Machine: An Overview

If cleaning different types of surfaces is a tedious and time-consuming chore to do, the UWANT B200 multifunctional cloth cleaning machine is here to make your life easier. The cutting-edge cleaning machine can handle stains and dirt on surfaces that are difficult to clean by yourself, such as sofas, cushions, mattresses, carpets, auto interiors, and more.

The machine comes equipped with a powerful suction of 12KPa offering deep cleaning by injecting water at high pressure to dissolve stains and dirt deep down to 2.36 inches, and then the high-density brush scrubs the dirt away. The best thing is that all the wastewater will be sucked out for deep cleaning and quick drying. It features 4 cleaning modes – steam mode, ironing mode, standard cleaning mode, and cleaning solution mode to manage different types of cleaning tasks.

One of the best things about the B200 spot cleaner is that it is extremely versatile and can seamlessly turn into a garment steamer, making it a perfect choice for cleaning baby or pet textiles. Additionally, the machine comes with patented self-cleaning technology, ensuring the brush and the hose are automatically cleaned with water preloaded in the clean water tank. Say goodbye to bacteria breeding, bad smells, and tired maintenance at the press of a button.

The cleaning machine also features a 200ml cleaning solution container that automatically mixes the detergent with water, improving the cleaning efficiency. With 4m power cord and 1.5m hose guarantee, the machine covers a large cleaning area of up to 18sqm, and the universal wheels attached make it easy to move around.



  • Powerful suction for deep and quick cleaning
  • Can be used for different types of surfaces including sofas, mattresses, carpets, and more
  • Self-cleaning feature for easy maintenance and longer lifespan
  • 4 cleaning modes to meet different cleaning needs
  • Easy switch to garment steamer with high-temperature steam


  • The machine comes with a single color option
  • No mention of a warranty period

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